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How To Get From Zurich Airport To St Moritz


St. Moritz (Saint Moritz) was first developed as a summer resort town due to the mineral springs that may be found there. It has developed into a world-famous ski resort, and many well-known people make it a point to go there. The town that is considered the origin of Alpine tourism has played home to the Winter Olympics on two separate occasions, which means that there are many options for winter sports. As well as having hotels and restaurants of the finest quality, St. Moritz is also known for having a stylish Alpine way of life.

The airports in Zurich and Milan are around three hour drive away from St. Moritz (Malpensa, Linate, and Bergamo). Several transportation options are available to get you from the Zurich airport to St. Moritz. The article has compiled a list of the available choices to assist you in making the most informed decision possible.

From Zurich Airport to St. Moritz by Train

The ride on the train from Zurich Airport to St. Moritz is both easy and exciting. The Swiss train system is very reliable and on time. You will have to change trains, but the schedule is set up, so your trip will be uninterrupted. Depending on the route, the journey will take between three hours and thirty minutes and four hours.

The train station at Zurich Airport is under the terminal. To get to Zürich Hauptbahnhof, you have to take a train. Various airport transfer companies can provide you with Zurich airport transfer services at low prices. It will take you 15 minutes to get to the train station in Zurich, where you can switch to a train going to Chur or Landquart. 

Driving should not be a concern during this time. Zurich limousine services are also very affordable. When you get to the St. Moritz train station, you can take a taxi or a local bus to your hotel. Even though it may seem complicated, the trip is fun and easy.

The last part of the journey is the most beautiful. It goes through the canton of Graubunden. The Glacier Express offers a unique way to travel from Zermatt to St. Moritz. It stops at Chur, where you can get on the train and enjoy the beautiful view.

The Bus From the Airport in Zurich to St. Moritz

Driving through the snow-covered Alps is like nothing else. If you take the bus to St. Moritz, you can enjoy the ride while taking in the beautiful scenery. Hiring a private Zurich chauffeur service to drive you can help you regain control of your hectic schedule. But there are some downsides, like longer travel times and the fact that there are no direct airport shuttles to St. Moritz.

The bus takes longer than other ways to get from Zurich Airport to St. Moritz. There is no direct connection from the airport, so you will have to change buses in Chur. Every day at 5:00 a.m., there is only one bus going to Chur, so you should know that service is limited. If you arrive at a different time of day, you will need to set up another way to get to the airport.

Private Shuttle From the Zurich Airport to St. Moritz

The easiest and most reliable way to get to St. Moritz from Zurich is to take a private airport car service. A personal car service takes you from door to door and works around your schedule. Compared to other transportation services, you do not have to switch to another mode of travel to get to your hotel.

If you hire a private airport service, you will not have to move your ski gear from one vehicle to another. You will pack your bags at the airport and then go to your hotel. Depending on your number of people and bags, you can book a sedan, minivan, van, minibus, or bus. The prices are per car, which is a good deal for groups with more people.

By booking a private taxi from the Zurich airport to St. Moritz, you can save time and money and start your ski trip without stress. Before you arrive, you can make a reservation online and pay the driver in cash or on our website. A private ride from Zurich airport to St. Moritz starts at 318 EUR for one way. Several airport transfer companies can assist with a simple transfer at Zurich Airport.

Rent a Car at The Zurich Airport

How to get from Zurich Airport to Geneva and from Zurich Airport to St. Moritz?

At Zurich airport, you can rent a car from several places. This is the best choice if you have a parking spot in St. Moritz. From Zurich Airport to St. Moritz, it will take you 2 hours and 45 minutes in your car. There are many places to rent cars at the airport, such as Hertz, Avis, and Europcar. Prices could be anywhere from €30 to €40 per day. Using a Zurich airport taxi service could help you gain the trust of your customers and business partners.

If you want to go to places between Zurich and St. Moritz and have a lot of people with you or a lot of luggage, renting a car might be a good idea. Sometimes it is hard to find a place to park in St. Moritz, so ensure your hotel or Airbnb has parking. Also, Grandlane Transfer/ Swiss Private Transfer is well-known for offering high-quality transfer services at reasonable prices.


Once in a while, you must love visiting Switzerland. But before you go to any unknown country, it is essential to know its routes and mode of transport. 

Choosing an airport transportation service can be challenging because it mostly depends on your schedule and budget. Each choice has good points and bad points. The train and bus are cheaper, but they take longer and do not connect directly to each other. On the other hand, private taxi rides are more comfortable and flexible, but they cost more.

Chauffeur will wait 15 minutes free of charge.