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Day Trips From Lucerne? Find The Nearby Attractions


Lucerne is a great place to start exploring while visiting Switzerland. You are centrally located and also enjoy some of the best day trips.

So, if you are looking for some of the best day trips from Lucerne or are wondering what are the best places to visit near Lucerne in Switzerland, then this article is for you.

Here, we have brought you plenty of ideas to help you make your weekend a productive holiday.

Find The Top Day Trips From Lucerne

Lucerne is known to be one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland among travelers. And why not? The compact city has stunning well-preserved medieval architecture and various other locations on the edge of Lake Lucerne. The breathtaking snow-capped mountains & landscapes in the backdrop, iconic green grassland, and popular tourist sights can make anyone’s day!!

Furthermore, the city is centrally located with great transport connections. All of these make Lucerne an excellent base location to explore central Switzerland. But which Lucerne day trips are worth exploring for you? How to get there & make the most out of it? This article will help you.

1. Enjoy Boating on Lake Lucerne

Let’s start your tour in Lucerne by taking a boat trip around Lake Lucerne. Spread across a distance of 38 km, Lake Lucerne is the 4th largest lake in the country holding an iconic beauty. A boat trip on Lake Lucerne can make your day in any season, even during winters also. So, have your video camera ready and enjoy the sparkling water, crisp air, and magical snow-capped mountains in the background. It is 702 feet deep, covering an area of 114 km2 at an altitude of 1,424 ft above sea level.

How to get there? – You can take a ferry from the Lucerne station which will take at least 35 minutes. Or you can also book private intercity rides Lucerne with Grandlane. It will cost you €77.57 in Economy car class for a travel time of 32 minutes. However, if you have a Swiss travel pass, you can enjoy free cruises on the lake.

2. Old Town of Lucerne

One of the best day trips to Lucerne from Zurich includes the very famous old town of the city. The iconic old town has well-preserved murals of amazing art, outstanding buildings, and tiny squares with fountains. It is worth visiting during your Lucerne visit if you want to make the most out of the city. The picturesque town is located on the right bank of River Reuss between the City hall and Chapel Bridge. Plus, it has the world-famous Altes Rathaus built between the years 1602 and 1606.

How to get there? – You can take a direct train from the Zurich airport to Lucerne without having to change it. It runs every 30 minutes or less from the airport. But if you are new to the city, it would be better to have a guided tour with a private chauffeur.

3. Mt. Pilatus

If you are visiting Lucerne, your trip would be incomplete without a trip to mount Pilatus. You might not know that it is one of the best free things in Zurich you can enjoy with a Swiss travel pass. The snow-capped mountains overlook Lucerne and give you panoramas of the surrounding regions. The mountain has several peaks with the highest of them all lying at a height of 2,132 meters. Experience the beauty of the mountain with a gondola ride as well as a cable car.

How to get there? – Mt. Pilatus can be easily reached by taking a bus to Kriens, followed by a 10-minute walk to the cable car station, and then a cable car from Kriens to the Pilatus. If you want to avoid common transport struggles, you should go for a limousine service.

4. Bürgenstock

Maybe not as famous as other viewpoints in Lucerne, Bürgenstock is a must-visit place if you want to see the nearby beauty of the city. It is a small mountain that lies at an altitude of 1,115m above sea level and looks like a sleeping dragon on Lake Lucerne. You can also enjoy staying in a resort located on the mountain 874m above sea level. The trip includes a boat cruise, a funicular ride, a short panorama trail, and an outstanding ride in the world’s highest outdoor lift – the Hammetschwand Lift.

How to get there? – You can take a train from Lucerne station to Bürgenstock or take a ferry. However, a private Zurich business car class will take you to the destination in a comforting & luxurious ambiance.

5. Mt. Rigi

Mount Rigi is considered the Queen of the Swiss Mountains and a popular day trip from Zurich. It is almost the home mountain of Lucerne located near the city on the opposite side of the lake from mount Pilatus. You will be able to see over 13 lakes and the excellent snow-capped swiss alps. Views from the top of the mountain spread to Germany’s Black forest.

How to get here? – You can take the boat that leaves from the Quai in the heart of Lucerne or you can take the city-to-city rides in Lucerne to visit the places hassle-free.

Now you know that Lucerne has so many things to offer travelers for the weekends. However, while visiting the above places, you can also visit some of the major attractions of Lucerne including the Lion Museum, Chapel Bridge, Picasso Museum, etc. The city is conveniently lying in the center of Switzerland. Plan a trip to Lucerne now!!!

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