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Airport Taxi To Travel From Zurich Airport To Ski Resorts


Zurich Air terminal (ZRH) is situated in Canton Kloten in Switzerland and is a door to numerous Swiss ski resorts. It likewise fills in as a practical air terminal for ski moves to numerous Austrian and Italian objections. Move choices from Zurich air terminal are copious with a decent scope of air terminal exchange administrators and a very much incorporated public vehicle framework. 

The SBB train station is found squarely in the focal point of the Zurich air terminal, which is 8 km from Zurich's downtown area. There are trains to many pieces of Switzerland with continuous S-Bahn administrations, in addition to guiding Between locale and intercity administrations to Winterthur, Bern, Basel, and Luzern. By changing trains in the Zurich downtown area, most different spots in Switzerland and contiguous nations can be arrived at in a couple of hours.

You can book your airport taxi for the ski resort from the Zurich chauffeur service or Zurich airport taxi

Cheap Ski Transfers from Zurich Airport

Drop-off Location

Journey Time

Price per Person



1 hr 5 mins



1 hr 30 mins



2 hrs



50 mins



Note: Costs for one individual voyaging one way in a vehicle is different. The costs are fixed after the person gets in the vehicle, and they can travel for one hour, paying the same price whenever they like.

Our magnificent ski moves don't end with Zurich. We likewise offer ski air terminal exchanges to famous hotels from one side of the planet to the other. If you want to see more of what the Swiss Alps bring to the table, look at our Switzerland ski moves page, or jump over to Geneva ski moves to see what different hotels are there to test your abilities.

To investigate wonderful Switzerland away from the slants, look at our Switzerland and Zurich pages for a few motivation and move choices in this lovely country.

How does an Airport Taxi Travel from Zurich Airport to ski resorts Work?


1. What happens whenever I have booked my air terminal exchanges?

1. Look at our scope of Zurich ski moves utilizing our booking specialist (track it down at the highest point of the page). 

2. Check your inbox. You will get an email affirmation.

3. Print expressed affirmation out and put it someplace protected, as you'll require it when you show up in Zurich.

4. Sit back, unwind, and begin longing for the fine snow of Switzerland.

2. Where might I, at any point, find my air terminal exchange at the air terminal?

1. After you have landed, fight your sacks off the baggage merry-go-round, and clear your path to the appearance corridor.

2. On the off chance that you are on a common exchange, you will be met by a delegate in appearances, who will show you to your anticipated vehicle.

3. Your exchange will plan to drop you off at your external address. If it is not too much trouble, note that occasionally because of vehicle size or your drop-off point being in a pedestrianized region, you should be dropped off to a neighbouring town, all things being equal. This will be affirmed before you travel.

4. You will have to show or surrender your outward exchange affirmation to your driver-simply ensure that you keep holding the return part for your process toward the finish of your excursion.

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3. At the point when now is the right time To return home

1. When all useful things conclude, and when now is the right time to express goodbye to Switzerland, we guarantee that your re-visitation to the Zurich Air terminal is as simple as winking.

2. Your affirmation has every subtlety, and your driver will meet you with the overall setting recorded.

4. Choose the choice of transfers

1. Occasional Additional items give a decision of Zurich air terminal exchanges to ski resorts for somewhere in the range of 1 and 12 individuals (incl. x1 bag per individual)

2. Our vehicles are the best approach if you need a bit of extravagance. Letting 4 individuals to seat, our vehicles are an extraordinary method for starting your vacation in style and saving a lot of issues attempting to flag down a taxi at the air terminal.

3. For bigger gatherings, our mini buses are an incredible deal. With space for up to 12 voyagers, they can sort out truly sensible when the expense of the vehicle is parted between everybody.

4. For a slick landing in the chalet, attempt our luxurious vehicles and minivans. Go on, indulge yourself.

5. Every one of our exchanges saves you the problem of attempting to flag down a taxi at the terminal and is undeniably paid for front and centre, so there will be no terrible shocks when you get to your hotel.

5. Why should you choose Holiday Extras?

1. North of 36 years of involvement in assisting clients with their movement of additional items.

2. Look at 1000s of airport transfer choices in a single spot.

3. Call focus is available to help every minute of every day.

4. All moving vehicles are under five years of age and come furnished with cooling (as a matter of fact, you most likely would not require this in that frame of mind of a Swiss winter, yet no one can tell, what with an Earth-wide temperature boost for all intents and purposes.)

5. It is confided in by the main travel global organizations around the world.


Zurich Air terminal in the upper east of Switzerland is among the best in Europe and calmer than Geneva during the ski season. Zurich is a magnificent section point for non-European explorers making a beeline for Austria, especially the Vorarlberg resorts and all the exemplary western Tirol ski regions.

Book your Swiss private transfer or ski taxi to and from Zurich airport. Traserbas covers all ski resorts in Switzerland and the adjoining nations. Surefire across the board Zurich air terminal exchange 4×4, ski rack, etc. Whether a vehicle, van, limousine service in Zurich, or minibus administration, it tends to be coordinated, and your confidential ski moves from the Zurich air terminal in a matter of seconds.

Chauffeur will wait 15 minutes free of charge.