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List Of Exciting Things To Do In Geneva When You Are Here


Geneva, an incredibly beautiful Swiss city is famous for its natural landscapes and wonderful landmarks. It is popular for its breathtaking mountain ranges like the Hills of the Alps and Jura, and views of Mont Blanc. It is also popular worldwide for its watches and chocolates. The city has enthralling adventures and quite fascinating things for one to do in Geneva. The city has colorful and glorious architectural monuments which give the essence of its past. The unique mix of its ancient and modern culture is intriguing for visitors.

Continue reading to know about the fun activities that you can experience in Geneva and plan your trip in style with our Grandlane Transfer services.

10 Exciting Things To Do In Geneva

The beautiful city of Geneva has a proportionate share of the natural beauty and man-made architectural wonders and parks. The ancient city with a ravishing past is incredibly rich in culture, glorious monuments, and blissful natural beauty. Engage yourself in the mentioned fun activities to do while you are in Geneva.

1. Geneva Old Town Tour

A historic area and neighborhood of Geneva, it has some of the best places in Geneva to visit such as St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Bastion Park Place Du Bourg De Four, Chapel of the Maccabees. This incredibly amazing town houses a museum of art and history for visitors, those who are interested in knowing about the historical place, its art, culture, and glorious past. It is commonly known as Vielle Ville, one of the biggest and oldest market centers in Switzerland. It is situated around the capped hills, a fabulous place to visit. The area also has a laid back beautiful essence of Switzerland. The center is densely packed with some gorgeous old fountains at the corners and wonderful cafes, and 18th-century architectural marvels.

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2. International Museum Of The Red Cross And Red Crescent

Geneva is the home to the International Museum of the red cross and red crescent. The museum explains the society and it is set up along with its achievements and the impact it created. There are audio, video, and interactive guides to tell you about the story of the museum. This museum has a library full of incredible stories of people who participated in the world war and those who were impacted by the Red Cross. It is a must-visit place for anyone who is visiting Geneva.

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3. Geneva Botanical Garden

Located near the western lakeshore, it is one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world. The breathtaking garden houses incredible exquisite species of flora. It has approximately 14,000 different species of plants that can be explored. The place is unbeatable in its beauty of views with lush greenery all around, blissful flowers, entrancing ponds, and a glass greenhouse. This garden also has a small zoo where you can come across some lovely animals including waterfowl and Swiss deer. This botanical garden is a place to rejuvenate one’s senses.

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4. Parc De La Grange

Parc De La Grange is a stunning and incredibly big park situated on the shores of Quai Gustava Ador Lake in Geneva. This place is situated in an expensive neighborhood as it was settled by the wealthiest residents of the city centuries back. It is a popular center for summer concerts and festivals in the city. This place can be considered one of the best places to rejuvenate and absorb fresh air in the exquisite city of Geneva. It is well maintained with colorful flower beds and pretty gardens all around.

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5. Reformation Wall

A historical landmark and a very popular tourist attraction in Geneva. The reformation wall has some incredible monuments of some of the great leaders and individuals of the country and the region. This wall is situated alongside a beautiful park. You can consider visiting this place for some historic insights about the ancient place.

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6. Swiss Chocolate Sampling

Geneva is world famous for its heavenly Swiss Chocolates. One can find a variety of chocolates when they visit the city. The famous manufacturers of popular Swiss chocolates are located here. You can buy their exquisite range of chocolates ranging from Swiss dark chocolates to chocolates with champagne and vodka. Take samples of these chocolates with you as it would be the best thing to do.

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7. Natural History Museum Of Geneva

One of the best places in Geneva, the Natural History of Geneva. This natural museum is huge and is spread across four floors. The museum is full of stuffed animals and specimens. You can learn about the history of animal and human development. This place is full of educational insights. It has a huge collection of exotic European birds and animals (a great place for you if you are an animal lover).

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8. Geneva Water Fountain

Jet d’Eau commonly known as Geneva Water Fountain, is situated near the Quai Gustave Ador in Geneva. The best thing about this place is the rainbow view that you can witness very often. It is a beautiful fountain in between the incredible heritage buildings around the shores of the lake. You can take a ride on a boat or yachts nearby. The lake around the fountain is full of ducks, seagulls, and swans. The place is incredibly beautiful. The height of the stunning fountain is approximately 140 meters. It is one of the most visited landmarks of Geneva.

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9. Ferry Ride

Lake Geneva is one of the largest lakes in central Europe. This entrancing lake encompasses monumental structures in its nearby range. This location will leave you awestruck once you see its beauty. This lake is simply paradisiacal. It is surrounded by the Alps mountain range and incredibly beautiful views of the city. It is a must-visit attraction in Geneva.

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10. Swimming

Bains des Paquis a popular swimming spot in Geneva. It is highly popular amongst the locals as well as the tourists. This place is full of colors and happy vibes at all times. Apart from swimming one can also enjoy the exquisite Turkish bath, steam bath, sauna, or relaxing massages. It is a beautiful picnic spot to relax and rejuvenate with your friends or family. It can captivate you with its superb offerings.

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