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5 Must-See Zurich Neighborhoods And How To Visit


Switzerland's largest city, Zurich, is a cultural hotspot renowned for its stunning natural scenery and historic buildings.

The Zurich city sits on the northernmost tip of Lake Zurich in the center of Switzerland. Its central location makes it an ideal starting point from which to explore the rest of Europe. The Swiss city of Zurich is widely recognized as a global financial powerhouse. Many international firms, banks, and other financial organizations have their headquarters there. The city is also a center for new businesses and cutting-edge research and development.

In surveys measuring happiness around the world, Zurich always does well. The city has a high standard of living because to its low crime rate, advanced educational system, and first-notch medical facilities. The cleanliness of the city and the reliability of its public transit are both well-known attributes. You can explore different art galleries, museums, concert halls. This city is considered as home to different events such as Zurich Festival, Street Parade and Zurich Film Festival. The nightlife of city is buzzing with different options, from the dive bars to the upscale dining.

However, infrastructure of Zurich is steeped & cutting-edge in past. It is renowned for highly maintained medieval architecture, scenic squares and winding alleys that make the Old Town (Altstadt) of city as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Lake Zurich and its surrounding Alps gives a wonderful backdrop for Zurich. You can enjoy boating, swimming, and even walking at lakeshore, while the mountains are perfect for climbing, skiing, and performing other outdoor events.

People traveling all across the world to Zurich, call this place as home. It makes Zurich to be a perfectly international & multicultural place. The food, festivals as well as the cultural activities reflect the multiethnic makeup. However, public transport system in Zurich is quite reliable and simply accessible. There is no doubt that going around this town is simply a breeze where we can thank the entire city with the highly developed public transportation system. Also, Zurich airport transfer is also a key for international travel. 

Below mentioned are best 5 fascinating neighborhoods of Zurich, let’s see how to see them!

1. Altstadt is the old town of Zurich that has historic core with highly fascinating window to the past of city. You can visit most beautiful Grossmünster & Fraumünster cathedrals where you can simply take a stroll along Limmat River. Altstadt is conveniently located in the city's central business district, making it accessible either foot or tram to the Rathaus stop.

2. Western Zurich was once an industrial zone but is now a hip district full with cool galleries, hipster hangouts, and chic boutiques. Located in the arches beneath historic railway viaducts, the vibrant Im Viadukt is a must-see. Hardplatz and Zurich Hardplatz has a stoppage for trains and trams that offer access to western city of Zurich.

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3. Seefeld is also the pleasant suburb from Switzerland which also sits on shores of Zurich Lake. It is also known for the most stunning vistas with the high-end shops, with the picturesque promenades. You can also enjoy the local cafes as well as different cafes and resturant while you enjoy roaming around the lake & China Garden. Feldeggstrasse and Kreuzstrasse are stoppage for trams which will get you to Seefeld.

4. Niederdorf is another old town and popular area of Zurich. It is renowned for its wonderful nightlife, boutiques, and extensive eateries options. You can explore old St. Peter's Church, that has biggest clock face in Europe. You can also roam around the winding lanes which are lined with shops. You can easily catch up a tram to Niederdorf from Central or even Rathaus stops.

5. Riesbach is located on eastern edge of the Lake Zurich which is quiet residential area. It also has tranquil streets with the lovely parks and also the grand homes. You should never miss a chance to enjoy the peaceful picnic by lake in this beautiful Rieterpark. You can take a tram to Tiefenbrunnen or Rentenanstalt and can reach Riesbach.

Guests to these areas should purchase a Zürich Card, which allows for free rides on all public transit and discounts at many local attractions. The city's trams, buses, and trains all link conveniently, making it simple to get around. As a city, Zurich limousine is particularly pedestrian-friendly, and exploring its neighborhoods on foot is a terrific way to take in the city's stunning scenery.

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